Bug#443039: libmatthew-java: FTBFS: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException

Matthew Johnson debian at matthew.ath.cx
Wed Sep 19 15:28:38 UTC 2007

On Tue Sep 18 22:11, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> My script doesn't file any bug. I dunno why you think so. All bugs are
> filed manually.

Sorry, it did just look a lot like refiling the same bug, and I made an

> Your package failed to build again in a sid chroot updated yesterday. In
> the same chroot, libcsv-java, libgtk-java, and gcj-4.2 built fine (all
> of them used to fail because of gjdoc).

libcsv-java uses dh_javadoc, whereas libmatthew-java generates it in the
upstream makefile which is then installed in a separate package. The
upstream makefile _does_ use the -link option pointed at the online sun
documentation. I did try and override it to point to local documentation
from the dependencies, but it seems I failed, I'll rewrite the way
it's done upstream, which should mask this issue, but I still think
there is a bug in gjdoc.

I tried using sun java 6 version of javadoc, and that merely produces a
warning about failure to connect to the url. I think gjdoc's behaviour
is a bug, particularly with the two different errors, only one of which
is fatal.


Matthew Johnson
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