Bug#408842: saxon 8.9: mono-side of the issue

Stefano Zacchiroli zack at bononia.it
Mon Sep 24 22:07:27 UTC 2007

On Mon, Sep 24, 2007 at 07:44:57PM +0200, Michael Koch wrote:
> As it is a different upstream source package anyway it makes sense that
> some csharp/.Net experienced packager handles this. Personally I have
> no clue about it.
> Can you please handle that and speak with the mono team?

Yep, just did that.

In the end Saxon is basically a Java implementation. In addition to that
there is some glue C# code which provides just bindings from C# to the
Java implementation. The source package is one for the two types of code

They mono guys suggested to start packaging the Java part per-se. Then
we can either have a separate source package with just the C# glue code
and having it dep/build-dep on the Java part or have single source
package which build both kind of packages. In both cases we should start
from the Java part. Then, if we chose to have a single source package, I
can ask the mono people to help me in patching it to build the C# stuff.


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