icu4j_3.8.1-1_i386.changes is NEW

Andreas Tille tillea at
Tue Dec 16 09:10:06 UTC 2008

On Mon, 15 Dec 2008, Rene Engelhard wrote:

> Debian Installer wrote:
>> (new) icu4j_3.8.1-1.diff.gz optional devel
>> (new) icu4j_3.8.1-1.dsc optional devel
>> (new) icu4j_3.8.1.orig.tar.gz optional devel
>> (new) libicu4j-java_3.8.1-1_all.deb optional devel
> OOC, why icu4j 3.8.1 and not directly 4.0.0?

I was not aware of this new upstream version.  I'll try to fix the
watch file and upload the new version soon.

Thanks for the hint



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