Bug#417888: batik: new upstream version

Vincent Fourmond fourmond at debian.org
Wed May 28 19:43:04 UTC 2008


Adriaan Peeters wrote:
>> Adriaan Peeters wrote:
>>> Uptream released the stable version of 1.7, how is work progressing on  
>>> the packaging of this?
>>   I plan to have a look at that reasonably soon. I expect a lot of work
>> (from what I understood, it should be able to move to main) to get it in
>> a good shape.
> Getting batik in main is indeed what I would like since I will be able
> to move some rdepends to main as well when 1.7 hits unstable.

  I had a look, and things are not as simple as it seems - the 1.7
version does not provide at all the same external functions as before,
and still depends on some of sun.com classes, which is bad...

> I hope you will find some time to work on this.
> (consider this as another ping :))

  I also hope I'll find some time. However, if you had time, I'm sure I
could find a way for you to spend it ;-)...



Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer


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