Bug#588114: maven-debian-helper: maven:DocDepends puts in Depends -doc packages which don't exist

Niels Thykier niels at thykier.net
Mon Jul 5 19:48:27 UTC 2010

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On 2010-07-05 21:31, Ludovic Claude wrote:
> Hello Gabriele,
> That's an interesting issue, but not so easy to fix neatly.
> The first thing you can do: don't use ${maven:DocDepends}, specify
> yourself the list of doc packages to include.
> Going forward, there are several solutions but they all look like it can
> take some time to implement them:
> - add a property in the pom like debian.package which indicates the name
> of the documentation package if it exists. This would force a change in
> all packages already deploying artifacts in the Debian Maven repository
> - use dpkg or apt-file to locate the documentation package associated
> with the dependent package
> - any other idea or advise?
> Ludovic


In the coming version of javahelper, we use dpkg to find the docs
packages. I can recommend invoking dpkg only once (passing everything in
one go).


Note: apt-file cannot be used - it need to fetch databases from the
internet, which is not done when it is installed, so you cannot rely on
this with the autobuilders.

> Le 05/07/2010 01:14, Gabriele Giacone a écrit :
>> Package: maven-debian-helper
>> Version: 1.0
>> Severity: normal
>> ${maven:DocDepends} is replaced with -doc packages even if they don't
>> exist so -doc package will depend on non-existent packages like
>> libmaven-shared-io-java-doc, libxstream-java-doc.
>> Possibility to ignore them?
>> Don't include them if they don't exist?
>> Thanks.
>> [...]
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