jEdit package in Debian: some remarks via Ubuntu package

Daniel Hahler ubuntu at
Wed Jun 16 21:50:29 UTC 2010


thanks for packaging jedit for Debian.

I just wanted to let you know that this package has been available in Ubuntu 
already (packaged initially by myself). I will get this synced from Debian now 

The latest upload (4.3.1) can be seen here:

Some remarks:

I had been removing jEdit/installer for the dfsg package, because the license 
(Apache) did not appear to be compatible with the GPL (IIRC).
Apparently I was wrong, so this might be fine.

You might also want to install the shipped file:
	cp -a jEdit/package-files/linux/deb/jedit debian/

You are shipping an own desktop file, while there is one in the jedit package 
at jEdit/package-files/linux/deb/jedit.desktop

Also, there are two patches you may be interested in:
and 02-desktop-file-icon-file.patch

Cheers and Thanks,
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