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a library to reliably execute external processes from within the JVM
 Executing external processes from Java is a well-known problem
 area. It is inherently platform dependent and requires the developer
 to know and test for platform specific behaviors, for example
 using cmd.exe on Windows or limited buffer sizes causing deadlocks.
 The JRE support for this is very limited, albeit better with the
 new Java SE 1.5 ProcessBuilder class.
 Reliably executing external processes can also require knowledge of
 the environment variables before or after the command is executed. In
 J2SE 1.1-1.4 there is no support for this, since the method,
 System.getenv(), for retrieving environment variables is deprecated.
 There are currently several different libraries that for their own
 purposes have implemented frameworks around Runtime.exec() to handle
 the various issues outlined above. The commons-exec package aims
 at coordinating and learning from these initiatives to create and
 maintain a simple, reusable and well-tested package.
Changes: commons-exec (1.0.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release (Closes: #568953)

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