Bug#603678: [tomcat6-user] Startup scripts for user instances (with authbind support)

Carsten Pfeiffer gisl at leonde.de
Tue Nov 16 10:19:28 UTC 2010

Package: tomcat6-user
Version: 6.0.28-7
Severity: normal

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It would be nice if the tomcat user instances could be started via init-
scripts just like the default tomcat6 instance.

Some custom init-scripts are have been posted to blogs, but these basically 
just call sudo startup.sh and shutdown.sh, making them unusable with 
privileged ports.

I'd imagine that the tomcat6-instance-create script could optionally create an 
accompanying configuration file (/etc/default/tomcat6-instancename) and init-
script /etc/init.d/tomcat6-instancename).


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