Bug#587657: locally installed plugins aren't loaded

Kevin Locke kevin at kevinlocke.name
Fri Sep 3 02:36:08 UTC 2010

Just got hit by this bug again.  Jim's suggestion about
org.apache.lucene was right on.  To save time as this bug keeps
reappearing, here's a quick fix for the future:

sed -ir 's/^([^,]+),[^,]+,([^,]+\/\1)_([^,\/]+).jar,/\1,\3,\2_\3.jar,/' "$(find ~/.eclipse -name bundles.info)"

Note:  Regex made ugly because _ appears in namespaces and versions
and as a separator between the two... (not POSIX-valid use of sed)

It seems to me that the larger problem here isn't that these versions
are wrong, but that eclipse silently fails to load all plugins when
one version is wrong and doesn't log the error anywhere, making this
bug harder to identify for newly-affected users (or am I overlooking
it somewhere?).


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