Dearest one

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Dearest one

Greeting to you ,I saw your profile and it interest me to build partnership trust with you in assisting me in foreign businesses for benefit of both of us, my name is Armand Koffi of foreign nationality leaving and schooling in Accra Ghana of 19 years old the only son of my parents,i am contacting you in regards to my late father’s gold field and the funds he left in a bank vault before died, i lost my father last year ago and his workers did not manage his company properly and the business collapse and the land been taken back by government due to mismanagement.And now it remains his storage gold and funds which is going dormant and am the only child of the family left here and i am looking forward for you to assist me in repatriating these property funds to overseas for security and investment purposes to avoid loosing all to Ghana government because I am a foreigner and my mum is there in hospital in UK hospital so I will rather accept the situation
 whereby you handle this for me to open up a new account for these funds to be pay into and have the profit shared with me equally when invested instead of losing them here to government of this greedy workers.Call me with this number +233544779059


Armand Koffi
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