Bug#619140: freemind: fails to start: "Checking Java Version..." forever

Eric Lavarde Eric at Lavar.de
Tue Mar 22 19:57:50 UTC 2011


On 21/03/11 17:19, Karl Voit wrote:
> Hilko Bengen (bengen at debian.org) wrote:
>>> So freemind asks for converting old config file format and asks for
>>> converting my last opened mindmap but then does not start at all.
>> Uh, this is bad. :-(
It is even worse, FreeMind 0.9.0 (final version) doesn't work better.

> I removed ~/.freemind completely and tried to open one of my former
> mindmaps. So clean config, probably old mm-file-format.
Yes, 0.8.1 format, that's the problem, and that sounds definitely like 
an upstream bug.

> Interesting fact: freemind asks for converting the document format *after* the
> panic message was written to stdout.
Ignore the panic message, it's not the problem, I also get it if I call 
FreeMind without any file.

> I also attached my test mm file.
Thanks, very helpful.

If I call FreeMind without any file, and then open the file from the 
GUI, I get a more explicit error (see attached file).

OK, 2 things:
1. I will try to ping upstream.
2. I guess the problem is caused originally by
java.lang.RuntimeException: Use of the extension function 
'xalan://freemind.main.HtmlTools:replaceSpacesToNonbreakableSpaces' is 
not allowed when the secure processing feature is set to true.
Does someone know what it actually means? What is 'secure processing 
feature'? Is it something of the program, or something of the 
(Java/Xalan) environment?

Cheers, Eric
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