Bug#658336: geogebra: More powerful on programming

Giovanni Mascellani gio at debian.org
Wed May 9 13:00:23 UTC 2012


Sorry for delaying the answer so long.

Il 02/02/2012 06:28, gaussfrank ha scritto:
> I want a more powerful interface for programming.
> As far as I know, GeoGebra is not very powerful on programming. Although
> it supports command on command line, I think it might as well support
> more powerful programming.
> For command, it is better to provide a simple programming language and an interpreter. I think Scheme or Lisp is a good chance.

This isn't really the kind of things it is meaningful to report against
a Debian package: you should discuss your proposals with the upstream
maintainers of Geogebra. See the development website:


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