Status of Solr and Lucene in Debian

Thomas Koch thomas at
Sun May 20 17:58:19 UTC 2012

tomas at
> > But Solr is orphaned for a while now with nobody interested to maintain
> > it. It would be great, if somebody who actually uses it, would start
> > maintaining it in Debian.
> Ugh. I've seen your hint ;-)
> It'd be a tall order for me (I'm as far from being a Java guy myself as
> one could think). OTOH this might be a chance to convince my boss to
> "donate" a couple of work hours towards this task. Echhh.
> Might I count on your (a collective "you" here) help? Where can I read up
> on the specific difficulties of packaging Java under Debian?

I started learning the Java ecosystem myself by upgrading Solr and packaging 
Hadoop. However learning Debian packaging and then Java packaging isn't done 
in a couple of hours. On the other hand you'll really learn a lot about the 
system that you're using.

I don't know what your company is doing but you should think twice before 
asking your boss for a favour and then feeling bad about misusing company 
time. I've been there...

But on the other hand it might be an asset for your company to have somebody 
that knows about Debian packaging and about Java.


Thomas Koch,

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