libhibernate-validator-java debdiff

Brian Thomason brian.thomason at
Tue May 29 16:13:33 UTC 2012

>>> It is Californian weather these days over Germany. And we have a holiday on Monday, which basically brings the country to a
>>> standstill. I am still without my key, so I cannot do a team upload and thought about helping just by putting Brian's
>>> changes into the pkg-java repository ... paired with the suggestion for Brian not to be shy and commit his stuff.

This wasn't a case of being shy - I have submitted to the svn pkg-java
repo but am new to git, and when I tried to access it, it timed out on
me :-(

> It sounds a bit like Onkar (CCed) was addressing a bit of the same that Brian addressed. So, let us hope for Torsten not to have
> the typical vacation, @Brian: please consider updating your patch with the hindsight of the Ubuntu patch, so we can possibly
> coordinate our eyeballs' attention a bit in future releases, and just some friendly hello to everyone.

I'll add the flag and resend.



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