Bug#692728: GeoGebra not free anymore (starting from version 4.2)

Giovanni Mascellani gio at debian.org
Tue Jun 25 16:47:13 UTC 2013

Il 25/06/2013 12:25, Andrea Colangelo ha scritto:
>> I'm really sorry of this thing and will get in touch with GeoGebra
>> developers to ask for clarifications and understand whether it's
>> possible to revert this decision.
> Hope they will understand DFSG's reasons. Please, keep me up-to-date with this
> issue, I am very interested in it.

For sure. Unfortunately, I don't think good news are upcoming: GeoGebra
developers (in particular, I communicated with Markus Hohenwarter, but I
know that other people or representatives are answering with similar
wordings) assert that the license of GeoGebra was only clarified, not
modified. This is plainly false, since they added a NonCommercial clause
to the Creative Commons they're using; I commented underlining this
fact, but they didn't answer anymore.

They say that the task of "clarifying" GeoGebra's license was performed
by some not specified firm, "with many years of experience with
software licensing". I don't understand whether GeoGebra developers
wanted to change license in order to switch to a more
commercial-oriented development model, or if this "experienced firm"
just failed to understand what free software is and applied a non
commercial license just because everyone does so. Unfortunately,
upstream's unwillingness to answer my last email suggests the former...

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