Bug#743547: Updating the jvyamlb Uploaders list

Ricardo Mones mones at debian.org
Thu Apr 3 15:29:34 UTC 2014

Package: jvyamlb
Version: 0.2.5-2
Severity: minor
User: mia at qa.debian.org
Usertags: mia-teammaint

Andres Mejia <amejia at debian.org> has not been working on
the jvyamlb package for quite some time.

We are tracking their status in the MIA team and would like to ask you
to remove them from the Uploaders list of the package so we can close
that part of the file.

(If the person is listed as Maintainer, what we are asking is to please
step in as a new maintainer.)


 Ricardo Mones, on behalf of Debian QA/MIA team
 «Never send a human to do a machine's job.» ~ Agent Smith
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