Bug#740441: suggest jmxetric, provide convenient way to enable it

tony mancill tmancill at debian.org
Sun Mar 2 17:58:40 UTC 2014

On 03/02/2014 06:12 AM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Emmanuel Bourg <ebourg at apache.org> wrote:
>> jmxetric looks interesting but I don't think tomcat7 should suggest a
>> monitoring tool, apache2 doesn't suggest nagios3 for example.
> The difference is that jmxetric does JMX, so it is specific to Java app servers, of which tomcat is obviously the most well known
> It also suggests that Debian has tested the things together, which reassures users that it will just work.


I agree that the more we can make things more seamless for the user, the
better, but that should be focused on core functionality of the package.
 In this case, some tomcat7 users may use jmxetric, others may not.

Since there's nothing in the tomcat7 setup that precludes it working
with ganglia/jmxetric, I'd suggest augmenting the README.Debian in the
monitoring add-on package, not tomcat7 (if you haven't already).

If you really want to make things easy the user, provide a script that
will take the existing /etc/default/tomcat7 and emit the jmxetric-ified
version on stdout, and fix-up jmxetric-tomcat7.xml at the same time
(instead of telling the user to edit it by hand).  And directing users
of your monitoring package to a wiki page with recipes about getting
things going with tomcat is also nice.

To your point about testing things together, I also agree.  But that
onus is on add-on package, so when the user opts to install the add-on,
it just works.


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