Bug#740596: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/tomcat/util/descriptor/LocalResolver

Emmanuel Bourg ebourg at apache.org
Thu Mar 13 15:06:12 UTC 2014

Le 05/03/2014 07:17, tony mancill a écrit :

> Thanks for reporting this.  I checked and it looks like this class was
> recently added to tomcat6, and is connected with the response to
> CVE-2013-4590.  6.0.37 does not contain it.
> I suspect we have conflicting implementations of that class on the
> classpath that need to be ironed out for the classloader.

LocalResolver is in tomcat-coyote.jar. We just have to add it to the
solr classpath. It's a bit odd to put a Tomcat connector in the
classpath of a web application though.

This issue also prevents the lucene-solr package from building.

Emmanuel Bourg

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