Bug#741419: missing license in debian/copyright

Markus Koschany apo at gambaru.de
Sun Mar 16 15:59:53 UTC 2014

Control: tags -1 moreinfo


I could not find any hints that the information provided by
debian/copyright are not correct.

> please add the missing licenses of:
>  jdom-JDOM-2.0.5\contrib\src\resources\hamlet.xml

The text was placed in the public domain hence it is not subject to any
copyright and upstream is allowed to put this file under the same
license as stated in upstream's LICENSE.txt. See also debian/copyright
paragraph 1, Files: *, License: BSD-4 which makes this very clear.

>  jdom-JDOM-2.0.5\core\package\META-INF\jdom-info.xml

This file is also licensed under upstream's license. See again
debian/copyright paragraph Files: *.

>  jdom-JDOM-2.0.5\core\samples\*  (some of them)

The same as above. LICENSE.txt applies to all files.

>  jdom-JDOM-2.0.5\maven\maven.pom 

The same as above.

> to debian/copyright (or at least tell upstream that there is room for 
> improvement ("Apache license" can be "Apache-2.0", whereas upstream 
> meant "Apache-1.1" only)).

I cannot find any mentions of "Apache license" in jdom2 and no reasons
why this might be a policy violation. Please clarify your bug report
since the severity is currently not appropriate. Telling upstream "that
there is room for improvement" is severity "minor" at best.



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