Bug#743248: java-wrappers: jvm-list.sh does not list Oracle Java7 runtime

Markus Koschany apo at gambaru.de
Mon Mar 31 21:47:49 UTC 2014

Package: java-wrappers
Version: 0.1.27
Severity: normal


I received a bug report on launchpad.net for this issue.


Apparently the non-free Oracle Java7 runtime environment is not listed as a valid
Java7 runtime in /usr/lib/java-wrappers/jvm-list.sh.

This makes every wrapper script fail that uses

require_java_runtime java7

if the user did not install OpenJDK7. Although I recommend the use of
OpenJDK7 with MediathekView, I think the non-free JRE from Oracle
should be listed in jvm-list.sh too as it already has been done with Sun



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