Bug#831153: Fix for the openjdk-8-jre-dcevm FTBFS

Adrian Bunk bunk at stusta.de
Mon Oct 17 18:10:07 UTC 2016

Control: tags -1 -help
Control: tags -1 +patch

There are 5 different issues regarding this FTBFS and attempts to 
resolve it:

1. Changing the build dependencies doesn't change the compiler.
Adding g++-5 resulted in #835956, but when you don't tell the build
system of the software to use this compiler the default g++ is still
This explains why that build dependency didn't help
(but point 2 is a better solution).

2. --std=gnu++98 fixes the C++ related build failure.

3. readdir_r() is deprecated in latest glibc.
This generates a new warning, and openjdk-8-jre-dcevm turns all warnings 
into errors by passing -Werror to the compiler.

4. Upstream uses CFLAGS instead of CXXFLAGS for C++
This is a bug somewhere in the upstream code,
using DEB_CXXFLAGS_MAINT_APPEND didn't work.

5. I didn't encounter the original build failure due to missing jvmti.h
It seems the file from openjdk-8-jdk-headless was found successfully?

The following change gave me a successful build:

--- debian/rules.old	2016-10-17 15:48:31.000000000 +0000
+++ debian/rules	2016-10-17 15:49:00.000000000 +0000
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
 #!/usr/bin/make -f
+export DEB_CFLAGS_MAINT_APPEND = -std=gnu++98 -Wno-error=deprecated-declarations
 PACKAGE = $(shell dpkg-parsechangelog -S Source)



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