[Pkg-javascript-devel] Packaging a new jQuery plugin!

Emilien Klein emilien+debian at klein.st
Fri Feb 10 22:58:29 UTC 2012


2012/2/10 Jonas Smedegaard <dr at jones.dk>:
> Hi Emilien (and others),
> On 12-02-10 at 10:49am, Emilien Klein wrote:
>> I've already joined the mailing list, what other steps do I need to
>> take to join?
> I summarized that recently.  Hmmm - ah, yes, here it is:
> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-javascript-devel/2011-December/002438.html
> Feel free to add that info to our wiki page, if you find it useful.

It's indeed useful info. I'll have to look into how to update the wiki
(that's not a question for you guys...)
I've just created my account on alioth, the rest will come in time.

>> I am [not yet] a DM or DD, I've started about a year ago packaging 1
>> piece of code, and am now involving myself more with Debian packaging.
>> Is that a problem to join the team, or should I first wait to be a
>> D[M/D]?
> No problem at all.  Teamwork requires _someone_ in the team to be a DD
> or DM, which is already satisfied here.  On the contrary, working in
> teams is a good way to improve your skills before applying for DD/DM.

Makes sense

>> So first question about the policy: regarding the name of the source
>> package, should it be
>> jquerylazyload.js
>> or
>> jquery-lazyload.js
>> or just
>> lazyload.js
>> It is a jQuery plugin, so I'd think the jquery (with or without dash?)
>> variant is more relevant, but you tell me ;)
>> For the binary package, I'll prepend "libjs-" to the name of the
>> source package and remove the ".js".
> No policy exist about that.  Generally in Debian there is two styles of
> naming source packages: a) follow upstream naming, og b) same as (main)
> binary package.
> Some in Debian find it outright wrong to do a) whereas noone (to my
> knowledge) complains about b), so if you want to please everybody, then
> do b).
> I am not a "nice guy" but try to find my own sense in things. I have
> practiced a), but is slowly try convince myself that b) makes better
> sense.

OK. I went with these names (following the jqueryui example):
source: jquerylazyload
binary: libjs-jquery-lazyload

>> > Personally I use CDBS for all my packages.  If you are fine with
>> > that, I'd be happy to co-maintain that jquery plugin with you, and
>> > other packages as well.  Others in this team use short-form dh so if
>> > you prefer that you can probably convince them to work with you.
>> I've started with dh for my other packages, and would prefer to
>> continue on that route ;)
> Ok.  Good luck with that.

Thanks, I'm sure there was no irony in that ;)

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