[Pkg-javascript-devel] JavaScript in-browser program, packaged in Debian

Jérémy Lal kapouer at melix.org
Sun Sep 3 09:19:54 UTC 2017

2017-09-03 7:24 GMT+02:00 Ben Finney <bignose at debian.org>:

> Jérémy Lal <kapouer at melix.org> writes:
> > - some browsers can run an application in "kiosk mode" - it runs the
> > app independently of any other already opened web page, usually
> > without omnibar and/or without menus.
> >
> > However i don't know if it's possible to benefit from xdg-open and
> > these browser specific cli options.
> That's a good point to raise.
> Yes, I am looking for a general way to turn an HTML-page app into a
> stand-alone desktop app. That does mean no location bar, no tabs, no
> history navigation, etc.; just rendering the one HTML page with its
> JavaScript and other resources.
> I think Mozilla's XULRunner would have done this, but it is reportedly
> obsolete upstream for years now. What is in Debian now that I should use
> instead?

i'd rely on epiphany-browser for that kind of job. I'm using that browser
relies on webkitgtk which is updated regularly) everyday in both
application mode
or normal mode, and it's very stable (maybe not as stable as firefox, but
a much faster startup and lower footprint). Featurewise it's a bit behind,
when a feature is supported it's usually with great integration with gnome
and system libraries.

Anyway, to get started, you can open epiphany-browser (a.k.a. "Web"), go to
local file url, and from sandwich menu choose "install site as application".
You'll find the .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications.
epiphany also has probably a command-line switch to enable XHR from file://

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