[Pkg-javascript-devel] Bug#890391: libjs-jquery-atwho: ReferenceError: Controller is not defined

Pirate Praveen praveen at debian.org
Sat Feb 24 16:53:18 UTC 2018

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On Fri, 23 Feb 2018 11:37:31 +1100 Ben Finney <bignose at debian.org> wrote:
> Control: tags -1 + unreproducible

I don't think this really a productive way of collaboration when two
people already reproduced this issue.

> On 16-Feb-2018, Ben Finney wrote:
> > What I need is some simple script that I can run in a minimal Debian
> > environment, first to show the behaviour in this package and, after
> > making changes to the package, then to test whether the behaviour is
> > correct.
> Lacking that, I am unable to reproduce the reported behaviour.

I don't think that is helpful at multiple levels.

1. It is clearly reproduce-able as two people already confirmed this bug.
2. You can easily compare the upstream built files. You just need to
inspect the two files.
3. When you are creating a custom build system, you are expected to make
sure it produces a result compatible with the original upstream build
system. Look at libjs-jquery as an example.
4. Refusing to use the upstream provided build system just makes this
really hard to support as you have already demonstrated in your
response. It also means you are making the barrier of collaboration
unreasonably high. This method was a last resort option when the build
tools were not packaged. But now when grunt, gulp, webpack, babel all
are available in main, still insisting on your custom reverse engineered
build script is not helpful.
5. It is even more ironic since gitlab is the only reverse dependency
for this library currently.

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