[Pkg-javascript-devel] Help with webpack / node-css-loader for shaarli

James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Sun Jan 1 21:00:29 GMT 2023


I am facing an issue when rebuilding the shaarli package. The package builds, but icons are missing in the interface. I have tested that the issue appears with node-css-loader 6.7.2+~cs14.0.11-1. There is no issue when using the older node-css-loader 5.0.1+~cs14.0.5-1.

I have documented the issue in bug #1027401. There are new files generated which have names like [hash].woff or [hash].png. These files are not actual fonts/images, but single Javascript lines with "export default" and a path to the actual font/image. The files appear to be placed in the wrong subfolder (js/ instead of css/). Does anyone know what these files are called, (or what this functionality is called), so I can search for it in the documentation?

Ideally, I could disable the new functionality that was brought in with node-css-loader 6.7.2, so I can build a shaarli package matching the one currently in testing. Alternatively, I could try to get these new files placed into the correct folder, and see if the interface is working that way.

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