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Ann Dicen ann at cleareaction.com
Fri Sep 14 08:00:02 UTC 2007

In our effort to serve you better, we are cleaning up our database and
would like to make sure we are sending you information relevant to your
business. We understand that you may not wish to receive emails from us
in the future. If such, please reply to this email with UNSUBSCRIBE on
the subject line. 

In my previous email, I gave you a sample list of our products and
services. I am sending you a link to this White Paper from MarketStar
which talks about the advantages of outsourcing your sales and
marketing efforts. When you work with us, you will reap the benefits of
outsourcing like many of our clients.

http://marketstar.com/register.asp?file=whyoutsource 2004.pdf

Sometimes your business needs a fresh perspective. Our technology tools
have enabled our business leaders to have further understanding of the
market. All of our solutions, like the PipelineCRM© system and
HotConnect, have created new opportunities for our clients.


Callbox is a leader in sales and marketing support. Our sales efforts
are unmatched - we generate 10,000 qualified appointments from 150,000
calls every month. I am confident that our Advantage will help you and
your business stay on track.


Do you have a moment this week to set up a brief discussion about your
business needs? Please reply with a date and time. You may also give me
a call at my number given below or talk to an available sales
representative using the HotConnect link below:


And, for a limited time only, you can get 25 verified business contacts
per month, no obligation, just by confirming your contact details with
us at this link. Receive information, research, case studies, and
details about our product offerings straight into your inbox!


Kind regards,

Ann Dicen
Manager, Client Development
Callbox Customer Contact Solutions
16770 Encino Hills Dr
Encino, CA 91436
888.810.7464 ext.1324
ann at callboxinc.com

UK: 20.30025986
Singapore: 65.6248.5022
Australia: 612.9037.2248
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