[Pkg-kde-extras] Bug#563155: Bug#563155: partitionmanager: does not start, and several zombie processes appear

Jan Jabbery janjabber at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 14:17:49 UTC 2010

> Would it be possible for you to provide a strace log of
> partitionmanager when it locks up? Try running "strace -f -o logfile
> partitionmanager-bin" as root, or if it doesn't hang that way, start
> partitionmanager and do "strace -p $pid", where $pid is the pid of the
> non-zombie partitionmanager-bin instance. I'd prefer the first way
> though. I'd also like the output of "ps auxf" while strace is running.
> Any other information is welcome too.

Hi George, thanks for your help.
I did the strace and the ps aux, but didn't have a chance to reply. I am
attaching the files as a .tar.gz, hope that's OK.

There are, however, some news for me. I made an updated version of my Debian
LiveCD, and partitionmanager now starts normally, and it seems like there
are no zombie processes anymore...

Best regards,
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