[Pkg-kde-extras] Bug#613940: bug 613940 - Wanted files

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Fri Apr 8 23:50:02 UTC 2011

Am 15.03.2011 19:55, schrieb Philipp Marek:
>>> Is the problem still reproducible?
>> Hmmm, after fixing the state file (see below) it works again.
>>> /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state
>>> file.
>> [main]
>> NetworkingEnabled=true
>> WirelessEnabled=false
>> WWANEnabled=true
> Most interesting ...
> WirelessEnabled has returned to being "false", and so I cannot get wlan 
> access ...
> After changing it to "true" again and restarting network-manager it works.
> What's changing this file? I did "apt-get dist-upgrade" in the meantime, but 
> none of the packages seems to be related ...

Sounds like a plasma-widget-networkmanagement bug to me, so I reassigned it.
Could you try upgrading to the latest version from unstable and test again?

It might also be interesting to check if you get the same behaviour when using
network-manager-gnome (nm-applet).


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