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Thu Jul 9 14:37:04 UTC 2015

 *Dear Sir/Madam,
 My sincere apology for invading into your privacy, my name is Dr. McWatson
Morgan, the Purchasing Manager of Elistavody Veterinary Pharmaceutical Inco
Ltd, here in United Kingdom. I am looking for a dependable partner whom I
can trust, willing and honest enough to carry out this instruction to the
best of his/her ability.
 I once travel to India to purchase a certain product Called Ukpakaliza Oil
Seed until my unfortunate accident. The seed is a certain product used to
manufacture vaccines for treating Diseases in Animals (Animal Cancer). This
product is in high demand here in United Kingdom.
 It was introduce to my company by an Indian, a veterinary doctor in
Germany, who gave us a sample for test on my last visit to Germany. I have
searched to a conclusive point that this said product are specifically
found in the South/East Coast of Asia in which we can purchase in large
amount for supply at a reasonable price in India from reputable dealer.
 I am trusted with the power of procuring this seed from Asia as a
purchasing Manager of Elistavody Veterinary Pharmaceutical Ltd. I need the
correspondence of a reliable partner, who will stand as the distributor.The
actual selling price from the dealer in India is $1,413 USD per sachet and
it is usually sold to our company at the rate of $7,600 USD per sachet. I
don't want our new Procurement Manager to go directly to the local company
there in India.
 My appeal to you is for you to get the material from the local dealer and
re-sale to our company at the stipulated price of $7,600 USD, profit would
be shared between you and I on 70%:30% respectively.
 I am unable to travel for now due to my present condition and I have no
intentions of losing out in the profit as I need it to pay up my hospital
bills, it has seriously drained me.
 With that I am hoping that a reliable person can assist me in supplying
the product to the company. The quantity normally demanded by the company
will be between 10-200 sachets monthly. All I need from you is to be kind,
sincere, honest, and trustworthy. All information needed is intact and all
that matters now is your response if you are interested.
 Kindly get back to me with your full contact details.
 Thank you,
 Dr. McWatson Morgan
 Email address: mcwatsonmorgan1 at hotmail.com
 Tel: +448719156870
 * *
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