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Christopher Martin Christopher Martin <christopher.martin@utoronto.ca>
Wed Jul 13 04:42:55 UTC 2005

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On July 12, 2005 17:31, Adeodato Sim=F3 wrote:
>   I propose this: import pristine 3:3.3.4-3 debian/ from qt-x11-free
>   into svn:/trunk/packages/qt-x11-free, and commit the necessary changes
>   for the C++ ABI transition and (see below) the x.org transition. Then,
>   review your changes under people/, and cherry-pick the most urgent and
>   safe ones, and review the rest. What do you think? (But see the end of
>   this mail first.)

Sounds fine to me.

> > Also, are we proceeding under the assumption that Qt3 is ours? I
> > haven't heard anything from Madkiss, but perhaps someone else has
> > talked to him.
>   I've talked with him in private some days ago and he said it was OK.

OK, glad to hear it.

> * Brian Nelson [Mon, 11 Jul 2005 21:40:53 -0700]:
> > It looks like the firebird libs need to be transitioned first.
>   If we don't get a timely fix from the maintainers (i.e., right before
>   we're ready to upload), we'll disable firebird2 support until it gets
>   fixed. nchip, isaac and vorlon agree with this. (I'll state this in
>   #317314 now.)
> > * You changed the "firebird2-dev [darwin-i386 freebsd-i386 ...]"
> >   dependency to simply "firebird2-dev [i386]".  Do you know why it was
> >   done that way previously and if your change will have any negative
> >   effects?
>   Guillem Jover confirms that this is wrong. When a patch he's working
>   on gets integrated in dpkg, the long list will be substituted by
>   [any-i386].

Looks like I yanked out the type-handling/control.in stuff, but didn't=20
finish putting all relevant arches back in. Thanks for catching that.

> > * Since you're removing libqt3-dev, you might want to make
> > libqt3-mt-dev provide it.  I'm not entirely sure that's a good idea,
> > but it's something to consider.

Why would this be, if no one is using the non-threaded Qt packages?

>   Changes I'll try to review, as requested:
> >  * No longer build non-threaded libraries. (Closes: #180326)
> >  * Added a libqt3c102-mt-dbg package. (Closes: #235396)
> >  * Make the Qt3 documentation available from /usr/share/doc/qt3-doc,
> > and therefore also usable in dwww and doc-central. (Closes: #185900)
> > (Closes: #284407, #294630)
> >  * Include createcw source for qt3-designer. (Closes: #305919)
> >  * Add missing qvfbhdr.h. (Closes: #182366)
> >  * Bump libfreetype6-dev build-depends to >=3D 2.1.10 to work around API
> >    breakage.
> >  * Enable tablet support.
> >  * Build jpeg and mng support into Qt, not as plugins.
> >  * Many minor changes to improve lintian compliance.
> >  * Revamp the OpenGL linking patch, and add patches for gcc4.

Thanks. And thanks to Brian for having had a look as well.


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