[Pkg-kde-talk] Re: priorities for alternatives (Re: [Pkg-kde-commits] rev 1313)

Adeodato Simó asp16 at alu.ua.es
Mon Jul 18 20:55:42 UTC 2005

* Brian Nelson [Mon, 18 Jul 2005 12:59:49 -0700]:

> >   Brian, is this something you're strong about, or can we discuss
> >   having this changed?

> My opinion isn't particularly strong.  It might make more sense to lower
> the priority of Qt4 until it becomes more commonly used, e.g. when KDE4
> is released...
  OK, let's hear Christopher's opinion on this, but in principle seems
  the way to go for me.

> Ideally the configure scripts should be modified to cope with multiple
> versions of moc and friends.  If the priorities are switched, then of
> course the same problem will plague building Qt4 programs when Qt3 is
> also installed.

  True, though I'd expect that if some configure scripts get fixed to
  cope with it, it'll be the ones for Qt4 apps.

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