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Christopher Martin chrsmrtn at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 22:40:15 UTC 2005

On July 18, 2005 09:51, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> * Christopher Martin [Wed, 13 Jul 2005 04:42:55 +0000]:
> > On July 12, 2005 17:31, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> > >   Changes I'll try to review, as requested:
>   OK, of these I've moved to trunk these:
> > > >  * Include createcw source for qt3-designer. (Closes: #305919)
> > > >  * Add missing qvfbhdr.h. (Closes: #182366)
> > > >  * Many minor changes to improve lintian compliance.
>   It would be good if you had a look at the commits to check that I
>   didn't leave anything related out (these two revisions: 1324, 1321;
>   did you have a chance to have a look at the previous ones as well?)

They look complete, but I won't be absolutely certain until I do a full 
comparison between my personal Qt and the copy in trunk, to sort out all 
the changes I made. In retrospect, I wish I'd imported Qt3 to a version 
control system before starting to mess with it, since my changes are hard 
to separate - sorry about this.

> > > >  * Enable tablet support.
> > > >  * Added a libqt3c102-mt-dbg package. (Closes: #235396)
>   These two I prefer to leave for -5.


> > > >  * Make the Qt3 documentation available from
> > > > /usr/share/doc/qt3-doc, and therefore also usable in dwww and
> > > > doc-central. (Closes: #185900) (Closes: #284407, #294630)
>   I haven't had a chance to look at this. -5 should be fine for it.

IIRC it's just a symlink, so it should be harmless, but it can also wait.

> > > >  * Revamp the OpenGL linking patch, and add patches for gcc4.
>   Mmm, let's see: 31_gcc4_buildkey seems straightforward and I imagine
>   I'll probably need it when building -4. About 30_gcc4_build, I suppose
>   it's necessary too, but I have no idea where does it come from. Can
>   you explain a bit what is it for?
>   And wrt OpenGL, mostly the same: is there a bug where this solution is
>   discussed? Also, is it ok to leave it for -5?

This stuff I borrowed from Fedora's Qt, and is therefore "experimental". The 
changes to the GL patch make sense, but are more or less untested (so -5 
stuff). The gcc4 build patch was added for reasons of "we'll probably need 
that when the transition occurs." Not yet having tried to build Qt with 
gcc4, I can't say whether it really is required or not.

> > > >  * Bump libfreetype6-dev build-depends to >= 2.1.10 to work around
> > > > API breakage.
> > > >  * Build jpeg and mng support into Qt, not as plugins.
>   I'm not against either of these, but I'd like to hear the rationale
>   behind them. Unless strictly necessary, not for -4.

The libfreetype6-dev change is just to ensure that we and our users dodge 
bug #316031. 2.1.10 is now built on all arches in Sid, so it's not really 
required. The image plug-in change was a little capricious, I admit, and 
I've since left mng as a plug-in, since it's rarely used compared to jpeg. 
Seems like the usual memory vs. performance trade-off.

> > > >  * No longer build non-threaded libraries. (Closes: #180326)
>   As for this one, I have not formed an opinion yet. I suggest we have a
>   closer look after the KDE ABI transition is finished.

Nothing builds against these, so I felt it was time to clean up. This might 
be a change to publicly announce/RFC beforehand, though, so if people 
object we can reassess the situation.

>   I intend to upload today or tomorrow, hopefully, depending on how fast
>   xorg -3 gets built. Will be doing some test builds this evening.

Sounds good; thanks a lot for handling all this.

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