[Pkg-kde-talk] Re: [Pkg-kde-commits] rev 1349 - trunk/packages/qt-x11-free/debian

Adeodato Simó asp16 at alu.ua.es
Sun Jul 24 10:36:06 UTC 2005

* Christopher Martin [Sun, 24 Jul 2005 00:05:49 -0400]:

> Quoting Adeodato Simó <asp16 at alu.ua.es>:

> >   Is this confirmed? If so, shouldn't these packages be depending
> >   themselves on libxi-dev, instead of relying on qt3-dev doing so?

> kdelibs, kdewebdev, IIRC, but I didn't do a thorough check. As for the
> general issue, thus far the packages have simply been using qt and kdelibs
> dev packages to pull in basic build deps. It's a convenient but lazy
> practice, of course, and if you feel this ought to change then we can work
> on cleaning the situation up.

> >   I'd prefer to add the build-dependency only when needed, i.e. in -5
> >   when tablet support is added.

> Argh! Not only did I completely forget about the 3.4.2 release date issue,
> but I somehow thought that the package in trunk had enabled tablet support
> (as I had in my more experimental packaging).

> Perhaps kdelibs could get the dependency on libxi-dev for the time being
> instead (and add it to the kdelibs4-dev's deps as well, perhaps. As for
> kdewebdev, or other packages that need it... ?).

  Nah, I'm fine with putting it in the Depends line of libqt3-*-dev as
  long as it's noted in the changelog.

  So, I'll remove it from build-depends, and add a changelog entry in
  the appropriate place. What tag do you prefer to mark the change as
  yours? I've used "[cm]", feel free to change it.

  And with this (will wait for an answer of the "[cm]" bit above), I
  think we can declare qt-x11-free 3.3.4-4 ready to go. Objections?

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