[Pkg-kde-talk] KDE 3.4.2 Notes

Christopher Martin chrsmrtn at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 23:30:50 UTC 2005


Since KDE 3.4.2 is about to be released, I think it would be nice to upload 
it, rather than 3.4.1, for the upcoming transition. Thoughts?

Now that we're using gcc 4.0, the new symbol visibility feature is 
available. It requires a patched Qt, but even then, it seems to cause 
problems. Indeed, lintian started reporting a lot of non-PIC code in a 
number of binaries, though I didn't investigate this. Nevertheless, I think 
it would be prudent not to attempt to use this feature until KDE 3.5.0.

The KDE build system checks if Qt contains the visibility patch (from 
http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=109386, FYI) and if it is detected, and 
gcc 4.0 is the compiler, it sets -fvisibility=hidden, etc. automatically. 
Since we're not patching Qt, this shouldn't be a problem. However, it seems 
that the checks for arts and kdelibs are broken, meaning that these 
packages will be build with -fvisibility=hidden, etc. no matter what we do. 
I propose a trivial patch, for debian/patches/common, to disable 
fvisibility for all modules, regardless of whether Qt is patched, for the 
time being.

Also, libarts1 and kdelibs4 need to be renamed (c2) as part of the 
transition. The library packages in other modules (kdebase, kdemultimedia, 
etc.) weren't renamed by Ubuntu, and I guess we should follow that example, 
though I'd be interested in hearing why things were done this way. On my 
system I've made the necessary changes to arts and kdelibs, and if no one 
objects, will commit (though if others have also done this work and want to 
commit, just go for it).

Notably, to get kdebase 3.4.2 to build, I had to upgrade to glibc 2.3.5. See 
bug #317363 for details. We can probably hack around this problem, but if 
glibc 2.3.5 is planned for Sid soon (anyone know?), then perhaps we won't 
have to.

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