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Pierre Habouzit madcoder at
Tue Dec 12 14:33:36 CET 2006

  Dear KDE Team,

  I just wanted to tell that I'm currently thinking about leaving the
KDE team, especially because I lately use less and less parts of KDE,
and even don't use it as my main DM anymore. I've lost quite a lot of
interest in KDE as a whole.

  I'll keep up with you until etch is out, and I think that I'll leave
the team officialy at that point. I'll just follow a bit to ensure that
our packages in etch remain of good quality. I'm also still available to
sponsor uploads to anyone I already do, so that there is no upload power

  Thanks a lot for the almost 2 years I had working on kde packages, I
know there is a lot of skilled and motivated people to follow up, so I'm
not worried !

·O·  Pierre Habouzit
··O                                                madcoder at
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