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Pierre Habouzit madcoder at
Tue Dec 12 16:32:13 CET 2006

On Tue, Dec 12, 2006 at 03:08:51PM +0100, Tom Albers wrote:
> At Tuesday 12 December 2006 14:33, you wrote:
> >   I just wanted to tell that I'm currently thinking about leaving the
> > KDE team, especially because I lately use less and less parts of KDE,
> > and even don't use it as my main DM anymore. I've lost quite a lot of
> > interest in KDE as a whole.
> That's awfull!
> Can you explain a bit more?

  technically, I'm just fed up with most of the application I liked in
KDE some time ago. kmail is a big POS (just look at the size of this
monster) that just segfaults too much, I now use my own mutt. I did used
kopete a lot, but I prefer to use bitlebee. and so on. The sole
appliactions I still use are konqueror and akregator.

  I firmly believe that you can't really (and it's especially true for
KDE) package software you don't use. The point is KDE is past a point
where it has too many functionalities that I don't use and that makes it
unstable for my daily usage, or make the functionnalities I use barely
usable. Maybe I'll reconsider for KDE4 ? nothing is lost forever, but
well, atm I've just lost faith.

  But like said, I remain available to help for sponsoring and uploads,
so that our NM's still can do their job ;)
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