meta-kde4 and meta-kde

Ana Guerrero ana at
Tue Apr 7 04:49:33 UTC 2009

Welcome to the annual metapackages discussion.

At this moment, we have both meta-kde and meta-kde4 in unstable.
meta-kde is broken since it installs kde3 packages and meta-kde4 is just 
a quick upload with bump dependencies to 4.2.2.
We should kill meta-kde and update meta-kde4 to some final layout.

* meta-kde provides: kde, kde-devel and kde-core.

My proposal here is keeping kde and be the same than currently kde4.

* meta-kde4 provides: kde4, kde4-minimal and kde4-developent.

My proposal here is:
-keep kde4 and add kde (both do the same)
-keep kde4-minimal and add kde-mininal (or kde-core :? but it is not longer the
same that used to be in kde3...)
-transform kde4-development in real development meta package. In the future 
it will even have kdevelop 4...
- and add some kde-desktop-full package that is kde4 with a recommends in all
the cool apps: amarok, yakuake ktorrent... For users that just want

Having a lot of metapackages is nice, but it gets confusing. It will be hard
to reach some equilibrium here.

What do you think? What is your proposal here?


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