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José Manuel Santamaría Lema panfaust at
Thu Apr 16 22:48:49 UTC 2009


I'm glad see in this bug that I'm not the only person who is interested on 

Some weeks ago, both the program and the debian package was unmaintained, the 
current maintainer seems to be MIA:

I'm working sice a few weeks in upstream to release a new krecipes version 
ported to KDE 4 but it's not ready yet. Releasing the new version might take 
weeks or months, so I suggest to upload krecipes to 1.0~beta1-2 as soon as 
possible. I'm not supporting the kde 3 version, but it's useful for me to 
install the kde 3 version in order to check possible missing features in the 
trunk version. Also should be great to let users using the kde 3 version in 
the meantime.

If you agree, Matthias, adopt krecipes now, and when we have krecipes 2.0 
released we could co-maintain it.

By the way, I don't have where I will release the next version, since I don't 
have permissions to upload .tar.gz's in the home page which is outdated
Let me take some days to solve this issue.

Another issue: I'm not sure if the postgresql backend works, it seems to be 
programmed for postgresql 7.x, and afaik we have only the 8.x series in 
unstable. But don't trust me very much, I'm not sure, I need to test and dig 
in code to confirm it.

Any suggestions from DD's or other skilled people?
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