KDE SC 4.7 tarballs layout

José Manuel Santamaría Lema panfaust at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 18:41:06 UTC 2011


with the new KDE SC 4.7 release, we will need to do some changes in our
packaging due to the tarballs' split, so we should decide about some topics:

Tarballs' Status Summary
As far as I know these are the changes in the tarballs' layout:
* kate is shipped in a new independent tarball.
* konsole is shipped in a new independent tarball.
* kdebase tarball was renamed as kde-baseapps.
* kdebase-runtime was renamed as kde-runtime.
* kdebase-workspace was renamed as kde-workspace.
* kdeedu isn't a big tarball anymore, all its applications are in a separate
* kdegames is provided both as a big tarball and as separate tarballs, one per
* kdegraphics isn't a big tarball anymore, all its applications/libs are in a
separate tarball.
* kdebindings were split, but this isn't relevant now afaik, since we already
split these packages.

Avoid any concrete split?
If I recall correctly, there was some splits which might be reverted for 4.8,
but I couldn't find the mails in question, so tell us if you think it makes
sense to ship any module in the same source package with multiple tarballls or
if you think it's better to use the kdeedu big tarball instead of the smaller

Source package names and git repositories names.
We may or may not rename our source packages kdebase, kdebase-runtime and
kdebase-workspace to its new names. We might also change the name of the git
repositories as well; I see two possible ways to do this: one is just renaming
the repo and sending a mail to debian-kde telling that we moved the repo, and
another is copying the repo and doing a last commit in the old repository which
would add a MOVED file with the urls of the new repository.

Our metapackages
So far, with each source package we have been providing a metapackage which
depends on almost all the apps/libs of the module in question. For instance
kdebase-apps is in src:kdebase and installs dolphin, kdebase-bin, kdepasswd,
kfind, konqueror, konsole, kwrite and plasma-widget-folderview.

I think it would be good to keep that metapackages both with its current name
and installing almos the same set of packages. To achieve that, I think we
should move some metapackages to src:meta-kde. For instance, kdebase-apps
depends on konsole (>= ${source:Version}) but konsole wouldn't be in src:kdebase
anymore so I think the best thing to do is moving this package to src:meta-kde
and making it depend on konsole. Also, at least kdegraphics and kdeedu (and
kdegames too if we use the small split tarballs) would be a metapackages in

To sum up I think we should rename our source packages, keep our meta-packages
as they are and I tend to think we should rename our git repos to match the new
source package names. I'm open to do things in other way, though. Opinions?

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