Maintaining common Kubuntu/Debian packages in Debian

Scott Kitterman debian at
Tue Jul 15 14:31:15 UTC 2014

As KDE is broken down into more and more smaller packages there are 
increasingly many of them that the only difference between Debian and Kubuntu 
is the  Vcs-foo and the maintainer.  

It would be nice if we could get to the point where it was easy to have 
packages with no real diff sync from Debian to Kubuntu.

Please see the attached lskat package diff (it's a diff from Debian's but other 
than the changelog entries, it's the same as Kubuntu's) as a prototype for how 
we might autogenerate correct Vcs-foo for both Debian and Kubuntu out of one 
source package. 

By design, it should give Debian Vcs-foo for any non-Ubuntu derivative and 
Ubuntu Vcs-foo for Kubuntu.  I think it's reasonably extensible if there are 
other Debian derivatives that care about this (it'd be a change in debian-qt- to do this for more derivatives, no additional per-package change).

If an approach like this makes sense, my thought is the rules changes would be 
integrated into from pkg-kde-tools so that the only per 
package change needed would be to add

Does this seem reasonable?  Keep in mind this is just a prototype.  It 
doesn't, for instance, proceed sanely in the absence of  With KF5 
packages landing rapidly for Kubuntu and starting to appear in Debian, I think 
it would be a good time.

Scott K
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