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> > yes exactly I'm talking about pkg-kde repos on alioth - sorry I was not
> > that
> > precise in my first mail: here is the diff (
> We can try it for sure, specially if we have those scripts on a git repo,
> which I think you did now (although I don't know if it's autosyncing)

The repo is now created pkg-kde/alioth-tooling.git . Currently I only add 
links at the base dir (/git/pkg-kde/ to the checkout of the repo /home/groups/
pkg-kde/alioth-tooling/), so everything should work without any change. In 
future we wanna replace every link to base dir to a link to the checkout.

* no auto checkout / I did not found a way to trigger an pull/checkout of the 
master branch. The detection if the master branch is push works sucessfully, 
but not the checkout  - Any hints? /git/pkg-kde/alioth-tooling.git/hooks/post-

while read oldrev newrev ref
    if [ "$ref" = "refs/heads/master" ]; then
        echo "Master ref received. Deploying master branch..."
        git --work-tree=/home/groups/pkg-kde/alioth-tooling --git-dir=/git/
pkg-kde/alioth-tooling.git  checkout -f
        echo "Ref $ref successfully received.  Doing nothing: only the master 
branch may be deployed on this server."

unfortunately the pending-tag script is not triggered correctly, because it 
needs to called with oldrev newrev ref instead of line any ideas?

Best Regards,

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