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Debt Management office (DMO) bonnie at agreatlight.org
Wed Nov 10 02:51:54 UTC 2010

Debt Matters/Financial Control Unit,

Intercontinental Plaza,
Danmole Street, Victoria Island,

Debt Management Office.

Our ref: FMJ-NGR-9238

Attn:The Beneficiary,

Re: Code of Conduct(Ref/Code: ICBKTT/27890/00/010 of Your ATM CARD


I am  acting in my capacity as the newly-appointed Director General, I
have been mandated by the Senate National Assembly to check through the
statutory disk of every payment pending during the last quarter of the
year. Hence, your payment file has been forwarded to my desk for final
approval with this Reference Code: ICBKTT/27890/00/010

Therefore, after vetting and verification about the source and origin of
your funds, I am  100% convinced that the $3,500,000.00 dollars part
payment is a legitimate contract/inheritance claim via "automatic
Electronic transfer by ATM card  for your easy withdrawal is on its way
to your address as our Official who will perform the delivery to you is
on his way to your country. We did not want to inform you about this as
we wanted to take you by surprise to avoid scammer exploiting the


The reason for this arrangement of delivering the card by our officials
is borne out of the conception that you have lost huge funds in hands of
officials paying for courtier and handling charges but all to no avail.
It is therefore agreed that an official proceed to hand over the card
to you in person to be sure that you received this payment that is long


With Confirmed report,he is currently having problems with the officials
of the Financial Crimes Monitoring Unit of Interpol,who detained him
when their flight transited in London .


He was detained for carrying a credit card that does not carry his name
and also is above US$500,000:00 but we have clarified to the police your
position as beneficiary and their want to confirm from you first before
releasing him to  proceed to your country,


We have contacted the officials this morning and confirm to them that
the said instrument of  ATM card is meant for payment of its contractors
of which you are the owner whose name was embedded on the ATM is the
designated recipients. Based on this clarification they said that you 
made to contact them to confirm ownership,


Contact the Financial Crimes Monitoring Unit of Interpol.

Contact Person:

Tarique Ghaffur (AC)

Financial Crimes Monitoring Unit,

Joint Task Force of  Interpol/Metropolitan  Police,

Email: crimesunit.metropolice at computermail.net

Tel:  +447761687397

Tel:  +447761687398


Note here, ATM Card has been package alongside with our user's
manuscripts booklet to guide you on how to use the pin code to activate
the ATM CARD for immediate use in any inter-switch ATM machine for
withdrawal worldwide.

NB:Feel free to lets know if we should block the ATM CARD and release the Approved Fund by Direct wire transfer into your bank.

I am waiting for your feedback in your next mail.

Your in Service,

Mr. Michael K.Owen

DG( Debt Management Office)

Customer care/Pin Code activation dept.

InterSwitch® Nigeria Limited,



Email:michaelkaase at gmail.com

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