[Pkg-libburnia-devel] Bug#652498: Bug#652498: FATAL : Cannot reserve track of 7932674048 bytes

George Danchev danchev at spnet.net
Mon Dec 19 06:56:54 UTC 2011

close 652498

> I will have to see if I can borrow a newer drive from my sister over
> x-mas (depends on if she brings it). From looking at the scsi log and
> what you said I don't believe this is a software fault so feel free to
> close the bug.

Okay, closing the bug. JFTR to summarize: burning a single layer media 
succeeded with both xorriso and growisofs; burning double layer media failed 
with both. The SCSI log of the failed double layer run or xorriso revealed 
that the write error is due to a problem with the media or drive, most likely 
the drive does not like such a "modern" media.

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