[Pkg-libburnia-devel] Bug#617409: brasero: Brasero corrupts all blank CD-R when burning (was: additional info)

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Fri Jul 6 16:11:49 UTC 2012


Paul Menzel wrote:
> Until then I suggest to not bother anymore with that problem.

It gives libisofs a bad name.

Probably the squeeze Brasero is two notches too old.
This comment could explain why:

> ... > Nico Zanferrari      2012-01-16 10:15:30 UTC:
> ... > - the bug started on Brasero version 2.32.1 and it's still
> ... >   present in 3.2.x. It was not present in version 2.32.0.
> ... > - it happens on all hw, and all current distros
> ... > - it happens only with on-the-fly burning, which is the
> ... >   default option by the way. 

Mine is 2.30.3
I need instructions how to get into this range of versions.

> I suggest to split up the Debian bug report.

could well be just a classical 100%-run-but-unreadable problem.
Usually caused by bad compatibility of drive and media.

The 30%-to-50%-early-burn-end problem in Launchpad is probably the one
for which one needs the newer Brasero.

It would thus still lurk in Debian sid, rather than in squeeze.

So actually one should just deprecate to follow the Launchpad link.
I apologize for having fueled that branch.
But Debian will possibly get affected by its next release, anyway.

> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=655601
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/780117

Be careful with believing in "me too" confirmations.
is very understandable to me after two days with Brasero.
Its flaws together with bad compatibility of drive and media can
cause any kind of urban legends.

Have a nice day :)


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