[Pkg-libburnia-devel] From Ibrahim Mansour

Ibrahim Mansour amm_i at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 8 09:15:14 UTC 2012

>From Ibrahim Mansour
48 Omar Almokhtar Street
Tripoli, Libya
amm_i at yahoo.com


I ran into your contact with the help of my cousin Mutassim Gaddafi
killed during the last fight to capture Sirte that led to death of
Ghadafi last year.  Both of us  were fighting against the Free Libya
Army  till the capture of and murder of the leader.

Prior to my cousin's  death, He worked as the  recruitment channel and
payment of foreign fighter  in West Africa countries. I have to find
my ways here immediately after the death and i  am presently living in
my cousin's secret House  after we lost to the NTC.

As a result of the situation in my country  and death of Ghadafi, I
have want to remain here to save my life  to save my life . This
information should be kept with absolute secrecy as i do not want
anyone to know my present location.

On my reaching here , I  discovered from the document in his file that
my late Cosine has made deposit of huge  sum of money  for a short
period of time which he wanted to use for payment to Mercenary
fighters and for  purchase of weapons. I have found also copies of
other transactions and purchases which I will not like to disclose for

I am now writing you as a friend to my cousin to help me receive this
money for investment in your country. I am presently concluding all
necessary paperwork to transfer inheritance to my name which will
allow me access to the funds. You should explain to me  return emails,
 details of the business where you want to invest the money. I will
prefer a partnership based on good understanding and fully presented
in a contract.   The Opposition government is trying to freeze all the
 account of most people that worked for the late leader and this might
be included if we fail to do the necessary.    I want you to let me
know what will be for you for helping me in this case .

Please get back to me through this email amm_i at yahoo.com  as soon as
possible so that we can work it out. Send me your cell phone number so
that I can call you at my convenient.

Ibrahim Mansour.

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