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Good day, My name is Jacaranda Joy, from Republic of Japan. Subsequently, I served as senior NATO air force analyst to the Office of the Secretary of Defense with the United Nations. I have some personal thing that I want to discuss with you which requires a matured mind, good understanding and a good sense of judgment.

About two weeks ago, I met this helpless and peaceful lady by the name of Mrs. Ali Abigail, in Benghazi; she is a widow with 2 children. She narrated her ordeal and the suffering she and her children had been going through. Mrs. Ali Abigail, told me that her husband was killed by Civil War in Libya 2 weeks before we assisted by Western Special Forces to save Libyan from the hands of the dictators last year.

Her late husband was from the generation of the Military Coup of Libyan, who were taken out of power by Abdel-Rahim al-Keeb. Her husband became one of Muammar Qaddafi business friends after many years later. Just before her husband was murdered, Qaddafi had given her husband some huge amount of money,(USD5,800,000.00) as part of the money which Qaddafi wanted him to use in procuring arms, ammunitions and other ballistic materials for sophisticated war weapons.

Mrs. Abigail Ali revealed to me that her husband did not support Qaddafi's motives and decided not to get involved in the purchase of these weapons, so he decided to bury the money underground. it was her husband's refusal to cooperate with Qaddafi's evil plans of war that led them to murder him in cold blood.

During the war Libya, she struggled to move the money along with the help of her children and headed towards the borders; they did well to dress and package the money in a way that nobody will ever know. Mrs. Ali Abigail, has confidently revealed the where about of the money to me. She wants to finally leave Libya for good since there is no peace here, they live in fear and trepidation because some of Qaddafi's loyalists and insurgents who are still in hiding are still creating havoc and hunting people such as the Qaddafi’s family. The helpless woman needs our assistance to relocate with her children, to a peaceful country where she says they can change there religion and live without fear.

I have contacted you because I need someone to assist me receive and keep this money while I plot their migration. I am just an ordinary soldier and I have will be court martial led if I ever handled such huge kind of money, I must confess that I do not know how to secure the money in term of Investment. I have contacted you because I cannot directly move this money out of here and into my country and I am completely handicap due to my regimented life as a soldier, moreover most of us are being screened from time to time because of past incidents of soldier and marines who have been caught and court martial led for raiding and stealing Gold and other expensive jewelries from Qaddafi's palaces.

I am working on how to move this money out of the country to a peaceful place where it will be in safe hands and I have done a perfect homework on this arrangement. I contacted you because I can not move this money directly into my country because of our involvement in the war and the constant checks on us during entry into our country. But with my position here, I have made perfect plans to move the money out of Libya to Cote d’Ivoire through one of United Nations cargo operations unit that constantly moves in and out of Libya.

I will need you to help me receive and keep this money and if possible assist me help Mrs. Abigail Ali and her children prepare a safe home, although you are not obliged to do so as i am personally making serious alternative plans to move her family out of Libya on my own. So I will need to know if you will assist me work this out as she is willing to compensate you’re richly for your cordial assistants and this too affords me a lifetime opportunity. I would plead and advice that you keep all facts concerning this discussion between you and I alone considering my own involvement here in Libya.
Awaiting your respond soon    
Jacaranda Joy
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