[Pkg-libburnia-devel] Bug#690207: libburn4: Premature end incorrectly reports, always 2048 bytes are missing.

Paul Menzel pm.debian at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 11 11:11:58 UTC 2012

Dear Thomas,

Am Donnerstag, den 11.10.2012, 10:24 +0200 schrieb Thomas Schmitt:

> (i got this via pkg-libburnia-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org)

thank you for being subscribed there.

> Paul Menzel wrote:
> > Thomas Schmitt pointed out a bug in libburn 1.2.2 [2] that it always
> > reports that 2048 bytes are reported to be missing when a premature
> > ending occurs. This is fixed upstream in changeset 4762 [2] and libburn
> > 1.2.4 contains the fix.
> I did not propose this to George Danchev for backporting
> because it is fewly tested and happens only when something
> else is already fatally wrong.
> We should first test it in the context of bug 688229
> before we risk to put it into the stabilized libburn-1.2.2
> of the Debian release candidate.

I just want to report that testing this patch worked fine in my case.
And I leave the surprising – actually not anymore after your analysis –
to my answer to the other report.

First, here is how I built the package libburn4.

        $ debcheckout -p libburn4
        $ git svn clone svn://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-libburnia/trunk/libburn/ libburn-debian
        $ git svn clone http://svn.libburnia-project.org/libburn/trunk
        $ cd libburn
        $ ln -s ../libburn-debian/debian debian

Search for the latest 1.2.2 commit with `git log`.

        commit 0a14ff40d0f62264ed42412e11f7d7dc40ed9792
        Author: scdbackup <scdbackup at fff8544e-141b-0410-a922-c1ea1f00b384>
        Date:   Mon Apr 2 17:30:19 2012 +0000
            Updated change log
            git-svn-id: http://svn.libburnia-project.org/libburn/trunk@4693 fff8544e-141b-0410-a922-c1ea1f00b384

Get that into an own branch.

        $ git checkout -b 1.2.2 0a14ff

Search for the fix I want to test with `git log` and the sting 4762.

        commit c74e6964a3be6b5b6365e3509792043aff55f26a
        Author: scdbackup <scdbackup at fff8544e-141b-0410-a922-c1ea1f00b384>
        Date:   Sun Jun 17 17:33:26 2012 +0000
            Improved reported number of missing bytes in case of track source shortage
            git-svn-id: http://svn.libburnia-project.org/libburn/trunk@4762 fff8544e-141b-0410-a922-c1ea1f00b384

Cherry pick that.

        $ git cherry-pick c74e6964a3be6b5b6365e3509792043aff55f26a
        error: could not apply c74e696... Improved reported number of missing bytes in case of track source shortage
        hint: after resolving the conflicts, mark the corrected paths
        hint: with 'git add <paths>' or 'git rm <paths>'
        hint: and commit the result with 'git commit'
        $ git diff
        $ vim cdrskin/cdrskin_timestamp.h
        $ git add cdrskin/cdrskin_timestamp.h
        $ git commit
        [1.2.2 1c15d96] Improved reported number of missing bytes in case of track source shortage
         Author: scdbackup <scdbackup at fff8544e-141b-0410-a922-c1ea1f00b384>
         1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
        $ dch

Since this is from Git/SVN do not forget to create the needed files.

        $ ./bootstrap
        $ debuild -b -us -uc
        $ sudo dpkg -i ../*_1.2.2-2.1*deb

It works as expected.

        BraseroBurn: (at burn-libburn-common.c:218) BraseroLibburn Premature end of input encountered. Missing: 48709632 bytes
        BraseroBurn: (at burn-job.c:1787) BraseroLibburn called brasero_job_get_session_output_size
        BraseroBurn: (at burn-job.c:1858) BraseroLibburn called brasero_job_set_current_action
        BraseroBurn: (at burn-libburn-common.c:218) BraseroLibburn syncing cache (stdio fsync)
        BraseroBurn: (at burn-libburn.c:852) BraseroLibburn Something went wrong
        BraseroBurn: (at burn-job.c:1138) BraseroLibburn called brasero_job_error
        BraseroBurn: (at burn-job.c:1140) BraseroLibburn finished with an error
        BraseroBurn: (at burn-job.c:1174) BraseroLibburn asked to stop because of an error
        	error		= 15
        	message	= "Ein Fehler trat beim Beschreiben der CD/DVD auf"


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