[Pkg-libburnia-devel] Bug#688527: manual xorriso.1: Please document how to set a name for the medium

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Sun Sep 23 16:02:00 UTC 2012


> I could not
> find a way to set the name for the medium. That name is later used by
> programs like `udisks` to name the mount point.
> The current default seems to »ISOIMAGE«.

The property which has content "ISOIMAGE" by default is called
Volume Id. To be set by xorriso command -volid.

man xorriso has:

  -volid text
         Specify  the  volume  ID.  xorriso  accepts  any  text  up to 32
         characters, but according to rarely obeyed specs stricter  rules
         ECMA-119  demands  ASCII  characters  out  of  [A-Z0-9_].  Like:
         Joliet allows 16 UCS-2 characters. Like: "Windows name"
         Be aware that the volume id might get used automatically as name
         of  the  mount  point when the medium is inserted into a playful
         computer system.
         If an ISO image gets loaded  while  the  volume  ID  is  set  to
         default  "ISOIMAGE"  or  to "", then the volume ID of the loaded
         image will become the effective volume id  for  the  next  write
         run. But as soon as command -volid is performed afterwards, this
         pending id is overridden by the new setting.
         Consider this when setting -volid  "ISOIMAGE"  before  executing
         -dev, -indev, or -rollback.  If you insist in -volid "ISOIMAGE",
         set it again after those commands.

Within the mkisofs emulation it is option -V. (See man xorrisofs)

The boot loader GRUB uses a different property, the Volume Creation
Date And Time, which it interprets as UUID.
(See xorriso command -volume_date.)

Have a nice day :)


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