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   Dear Sir,

I hope you will receive this mail in good health as I have prayed.I'm Mbaye,a single twenty six (26) years old female from Brega,Libya.Presently staying here in Egypt,I came here some months ago for safety purpose through the help United nation relief agency to escape the recent war in my Country of origin.

Few weeks after the war started in Libya, the national transitional council (NTC) forces attacked our home which eventually lead to the death of my parents and younger brother.My Father was a former senior Government contractor with a top executive position at the oil refinery in Brega,this made him a target of the NTC forces at the early stage of the unrest.Although,my grand Mother survived and still in Libya,she encouraged me to join some Egyptian expatriate families and leave Libya for safety purpose when the United nation relief agency offered to help evacuate people.She insisted for me to leave because of the brutality of the NTC force,they kill anyone that worked under Late Muammar Gadhafi and were very bias toward the minority Christain Libyans which I belong to. In fact,the whole situation was traumatising and painful to me.

Since my arrival here,I have been living under the care of the United nation relief agency,in a camp housing with other displaced people from other Countries.But,I recently made a decision to move away from here to have my liberty and move on with my life,find joy and happiness again in a very safe Country without being under arm and gun threat by anyone.This is the reason why I now seek for your kind assistance to come over to your Country .I have no intention of going back to Libya at this moment and the condition of this environment is not good for me.

Moving to your Country and finding safety under your care there will help and enable me handle some private family matters which I don't want to disclose to anyone here because of the danger of losing it to wrong hands if I should tell anyone here about it,this is why I will like my communication with you to remain very private.While leaving Libya under the unbrella of the UN relief agency officials few months ago,I took with me and presently in possesion of all information of my Father valuable deposit of twelve million six hundred thousand dollars ($12,600,000) in an European Bank.I was recently in contact with the bank for the withdrawal of the deposit,but I am disadvantaged and presently incapacitated to handle it alone as a result of my present status and lack of a concrete arrangement of where and how to invest the money when released to me.This is why I made a decision well considered and seek your help in securing the money to your Country and
 put it into real estate investment.

I now leave this for you to decide and get back to me with your thought.In case if you will like to call me,I will send you my contact phone number ro reach me.

Have a very excellent day as I look forward to hear from you soon.

Best regards,


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