[Pkg-libburnia-devel] Direct contact to ask for Debian sponsorship of libburn, libisofs, libisoburn

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Mon Aug 24 12:44:33 UTC 2015

Hello to Steve McIntyre, Dominique Dumont, pkg-opt-media-team,
Mario Danic, the last possibly active member of the
pkg-libburnia-devel team, and to George Danchev, who maintained
the libburnia packages as DD.

Steve and Dominique have expressed interest in sponsoring
the upload of new libburnia packages.
George Danchev has marked them as orphaned by bugs
#796145, #796146, #796147.
My sincere thanks to him for covering my releases since
their very early days.

By help of debian-mentors list i made up three candidates

Advise by Christian Kastner lets me think that an NMU
is appropriate until i managed to take control of the
alioth project:

I also CC the neighbors at
  pkg-opt-media-team at lists.alioth.debian.org 
where i already occupy half of the august 2015 archive.
I would appreciate sponsorship and/or close cooperation.
I am upstream developer of libburnia and know dvd+rw-tools
source quite well, because it served me as guide while
reading SCSI specs for DVD and BD burning.

Any comments and instructions are appreciated.
As soon as you think the packages are ripe, please put
them into sid.

I tested the resulting xorriso with real DVD and BD hardware
on my Jessie workstation, and with a virtual hard disk as
storage medium on my Sid VM.
(Need to learn how to forward a real DVD drive to VM.)
The upstream tarballs passed the upstream regression tests,
when being released in may 2015.
During development xorriso exercised repacking of various
debian-*-netinst.iso. Subsequent inspection by xorriso
looks promising. Did not try to boot them, though.

The friendly helpers at debian-mentors at lists.debian.org
urge me to file a Request For Sponsorship bug.
I did not do yet, because i first want to await your
If you think it is a good idea to file an RFS, please
tell me to do so.

Have a nice day :)


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